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New Stove A Welcome Addition For Church Meals Program

Disadvantaged people can look forward to a heartier meal at the Hobsons Bay Christian Church's Welcome Inn. The Newport church has been feeding about 25-35 needy people once a week in its makeshift dining room for more than five years now.

But providing the free meals out of its kitchen has not been easy, with church cook Garnet Meyer having to make do with portable electric burners, a microwave and a rice cooker.

Now the church is able to cook up a storm with a new commercial stove financed through a Hobsons Bay Community Fund grant.

ChristianChurchThe Hobsons Bay Christian Church was awarded $1500 in the HB Community Fund's last round of grants announced at a gala dinner in October.

The church also received an extra $500 from Macquarie Lawyers and other donors for being the "people's choice" winner on the night.

The church recently received the cheque and quickly put it to good use to buy the gas stove.

Church pastor Len Hawes said the stove was a welcome addition to the kitchen.

"We have plans to renovate the kitchen to make it more serviceable for our staff, all of whom volunteer their services to help the needy," Mr Hawes said.

"The Welcome Inn relies on an enthusiastic band of church parishioners dedicated to improving the lives of others.

"But the cooking equipment they have been using in the kitchen has been a little bit inadequate.

"With the new stove, the kitchen staff should produce better meals more quickly."

Mr Hawes said the Welcome Inn provided meals every Thursday lunchtime to disadvantaged people ranging in age from young children to those in their 60s.

"These are people who, through no fault of their own, have slipped through society's net," he said.

"We want to make sure they get at least one decent meal a week.

"But it's not just about feeding them: we talk with them to see how they are going.

"We also provide financial and emotional counselling if they need it as well."

Mr Hawes said the five-burner Whirlpool stove was bought from Woolley Appliance Services in Deer Park, which had previously donated a second-hand freezer to another HB Community Fund grant recipient, the Williamstown Church of Christ.

He said Woolley Appliance Services sold the stove at wholesale price, giving the church a considerable cost saving.

"Woolley Appliance Services looked after us very well and we thank Steve Woolley and his staff for their generosity," he said.

HB Community Fund chairman Hayden Raysmith said the Hobsons Bay Christian Church was one of eight groups sharing more than $12,000 in this year's grant program.

"Our committee felt this was a worthy project to fund, particularly since the church was trying to make do with basic cooking equipment," Mr Raysmith said.

"We have many low income and disconnected people in our community and we applaud the Hobsons Bay Christian Church for providing some of these needy locals with a free meal each week.

"The HB Community Fund committee thought the $1500 was enough for the church to buy a second-hand stove, but the extra funding from Macquarie Lawyers meant a new one could be purchased.

"Not only should the stove make it easier for church kitchen staff to cater for a large number of diners but it will also allow a wider range of cuisine."

Photo caption: Hobsons Bay Christian Church cook Garnet Meyer (right) serves up a meal cooked on the new stove to Welcome Inn diner Rick.

For more details, contact:

Pastor Len Hawes, Hobsons Bay Christian Church, 0425-863-344
Hayden Raysmith, Hobsons Bay Community Fund, 0407-826-775


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