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Young Kids get a Wriggle On

Ooey, gooey, ooey, gooey worms.

While they may make most people squirm, the little wrigglers are about to play an important role at the Francis Sullivan Preschool and Eastona Park Primary School in teaching kids the benefits of composting.

Altona chemical manufacturer Qenos Pty Ltd has donated worm farms and composting bins to the two childrens facility in Hobsons Bay. Both the preschool and kindergarten had applied for a grant from the Hobsons Bay Community Fund to buy a worm farm and composting bin. But Qenos decided to see what it could do to help, allowing the Hobsons Bay Community Fund’s finances to stretch to other needy projects.

Qenos chief executive officer Jonathan Clancy said the worm farms and compost bins would help the children learn about sustainability and how to care for the environment from an early age. “It is important for young kids to learn about recycling kitchen and garden waste through vermiculture to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill,” Mr Clancy said. “The State Government is asking the community to reduce the amount of organic rubbish being dumped in landfills and composting is one way of dealing with the problem. When the Francis Sullivan Preschool and Eastona Park Kindergarten wanted some help, we were only too pleased to buy some worm farms and compost bins from one of our plastic manufacturing clients. Hopefully, what these kids learn will be passed on to their parents, encouraging them to follow the same path in their own gardens at home.”

Hobsons Bay Community Fund chairman Hayden Raysmith said the help provided by Qenos showed there were a number of corporate good Samaritans willing to help the local community. “Although the community fund is making direct financial grants local groups, we have found during the past two funding rounds some companies are ready to pitch in to provide equipment to fill the gap where we can’t help,” Mr Raysmith said. “In last year’s funding round it was Steve Woolley from Woolley Appliance Service in Deer Park providing a freezer to the Williamstown Church of Christ’s meals program for disadvantage people. “This year, it is Qenos helping out with worm farms for children’s centres. We would like other companies to consider how they can help Hobsons Bay community projects. They can channel that through the Hobsons Bay Community Fund. The example of Woolleys and Qenos shows that corporate social responsibility is still alive and well, even during tough times.”


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