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Vision and Mission

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The Hobsons Bay Community Fund is a perpetual philanthropic fund established to benefit and strengthen the community of Hobsons Bay for present and future generations.


The vision of the HBCF is that of a harmonious community working effectively to build trust so as to encourage economic, racial, and social fairness; cultural richness; and environmental sustainability.

To help realise its vision, the HBCF will try to:

  1. create a lasting community asset, ensuring that the people of Hobsons Bay are able to access in perpetuity, a steadily growing corpus of funding for community development;
  2. highlight the great value of charitable giving, and make it possible for donors to invest in, and see the fruits of, investing in their community during their lifetime;
  3. encourage interaction and partnerships between a range of people (donors, governments, businesses, community groups, other charitable organisations) for the purpose of building the local community and finding solutions to community challenges;
  4. act as a trustworthy partner and leader in shaping collaborative and effective responses to community issues and opportunities;


The work of the HBCF will be informed by our values. We value integrity, inclusiveness, creativity and commitment to the strengthening and sustainability of the community.

Criteria for grant-making

As a checklist for considering grants guidelines the HBCF will use the following list:

HBCF will seek to support organisations and projects that:

  • Build on local community strengths and assets
  • Stimulate support from other funding sources
  • Respond creatively to community problems
  • Serve a broad segment of the community
  • Expand access and opportunities for people from low-income and under-served communities
  • Address underlying causes rather than symptoms
  • Increase coordination and cooperation among program providers without duplicating services
  • Involve service users or participants in decision making
  • Improve organization self-sufficiency or efficiency
  • Initiate efforts that will continue to grow in their effectiveness
  • Develop community pride and image
  • Have strong board and staff or volunteer leadership
  • Involve a cross-section of people in project planning.

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Australian Communities Foundation

Hobsons Bay Community Fund is a sub-fund of the Australian Communities Foundation. To visit the ACF website, click here.acf logo 2015


Guide for Inclusion in Sport

Download a copy of the inclusion guide "Sports for Everyone - A guide to 3600 Inclusion for Young People in Sport".

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Donations to HBCF

Hobsons Bay Community Fund welcomes donations and bequests to support the annual grants program.  Donations to the Hobsons Bay Community Fund can be made through the Australian Communities Foundation website.

To make a tax deductible donation of over $2, donate to HBCF here

Or, if you do not require a tax deduction for your donation, donate to HBCF here.